Tennessee Medicine E-Journal

Editorial Board

The Editorial Board for Tennessee Medicine’s e-Journal brings together a state collection of physician thinkers, scholars and practitioners across healthcare. By contributing to research and writing, supporting the work of others and encouraging new ideas, the Tennessee Medicine’s e-Journal Editorial Board helps to expand the exploration into evidence-based, high impact concepts, practices, and research that will positively influence the medical community.


David G Gerkin MD - Dr. Gerkin has been editor Of Tennessee Medicine since 2002. He has written hundreds of editorials and edited similar number of articles. Dr. Gerkin is an ophthalmologist in civilian life has practiced medicine for the military for many years.

Editorial Board

The Editorial Board consists of doctors that have a particular interest in writing and editing medical, social and public health articles. In addition, their multiple specialties and interest in detailed areas of endeavor make them a valuable asset to the Journal.

Loren Crown, MD, FACEP

James Ferguson, MD, FACP

Karl Misulis, MD

Gregory Phelps, MD, MPH, MAHCM

Bradley Smith, MD

Jonathan Sowell, MD

Jim Talmage, MD

Andy Walker, MD

Managing Editor

Julia Couch