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AIMS: In this study, we investigated the relationship between the expressions of miR-520a-3p, miR-520d-3p, miR-520b, miR-520e, miR-302a, miR-302b and prognostic factors in colorectal cancer.

MATERIAL AND METHOD: 50 patients who underwent colectomy for local advanced stage colorectal carcinoma between August 2009 and February 2014, were selected. Prognostic clinicopathological features were evaluated. miRNA expression profile was detected using Real Time PCR (Corbett Research Model: RG-600, Australia). Statistical analysis was performed with SPSS 20.0 software.

RESULTS: Expression levels of miR-520b (mean FC=-1,7±0,30 SEM), miR-520d-3p (mean FC=-1,46±0,33 SEM) and miR-520e (mean FC=-0,66±0,29 SEM) were significantly downregulated in colorectal tumor tissues when compared to normal colorectal tissues. We did not find a significant relationship between downregulated expressions of miR-520e, miR-520d-3p, miR-520b and various clinicopathological parameters.

CONCLUSION: In this study, expressions of miR-520e, miR-520d-3p and miR-520b were downregulated in local advanced colorectal carcinomas. These findings may be useful for diagnosis and molecular targeted cancer therapies of colorectal carcinomas.

KEYWORDS: Colorectal Carcinoma, miRNA, miR-520a-3p, miR-520b, miR-520d-3p, miR-520e, miR-302a, miR-302b

FIGURE 1.jpg (165 kB)
FIGURE 1: Real-time PCR analysis of miRNA expressions

FIGURE 2.jpg (155 kB)
FIGURE 2: Bivariate analysis of miRNA expressions with each other (Pearson Correlation Tests-Scatterplot Matrix).

table 1.jpg (131 kB)
TABLE 1: Bivariate analysis of miRNA expressions (Pearson Correlation Tests